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12 Days of Christmas. 12 New Taxes. 12 Daniel Andrews Lies.

Only a Grinch would announce a new tax in the lead up to Christmas. 

Yet this is exactly what Daniel Andrews has done with his new “city access” tax, announced as part of his dud West Gate Tunnel (WGT) project.

Charging motorists from the western suburbs, Geelong and western Victoria a city access tax of up to $7.74 – in addition to WGT tolls – will impose a massive tax slug on people travelling to Melbourne.

It is unfair. It is discriminatory. It is another broken promise from a Premier who has lied to Victorians time and time again.

On the night before the 2014 election, Daniel Andrews was interviewed on Seven News by Peter Mitchell.

Peter Mitchell: “Daniel Andrews, all the polls say you will be Victoria’s next Premier. If you are, do you promise Victorians here tonight that you will not increase taxes or introduce any new taxes?”

Daniel Andrews: “I make that promise, Peter, to every single Victorian.”

Since then, Daniel Andrews and his complicit Treasurer have announced 12 new or increased taxes:

·       New city access tax for West Gate Tunnel
·       Tripled brown coal royalties
·       Introduced Uber and taxi fare taxes
·       Increased stamp duty on new cars
·       New stamp duty on off-the-plan purchasers
·       New so-called ‘vacant home’ tax
·       New annual property valuations to increase land tax
·       New stamp duty on property transfers between spouses
·       New point of consumption gambling tax
·       New land tax surcharge (subsequently tripled) for absentee owners
·       New stamp duty surcharge (subsequently increased) for foreign purchasers
·       Increased fire services property levy
(Note that this list does not include changes to Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution levies, the $140 million increase in property transfer fees or a host of other fee gouges under Labor.)

Under Daniel Andrews, Victorian state taxes have increased by $4 billion a year. Victoria is now the highest taxing state in Australia.

Thanks for nothing, Daniel Andrews.

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