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A Liberal Nationals Government will offer a medium-term lease of the sewerage treatment business of Melbourne Water (including two treatment plants and associated infrastructure) to fund vital infrastructure such as High Speed Rail and the North East Link without raising taxes or debt. 

As Victoria’s population grows, we must make sure we have the right infrastructure to grow the whole state, not just Melbourne.

While Daniel Andrews and Labor will increase taxes on Victorians to pay for their unfunded infrastructure promises, a Liberal Nationals Government will use lease proceeds to responsibly fund vital new infrastructure.  

While every new unfunded promise from Labor will mean more taxes, a Liberal Nationals Government will cut taxes and build infrastructure without dipping into Victorians’ pockets.

The sewerage treatment business of Melbourne Water is massive, treating 320 billion litres of sewage last year alone, and it’s expected the medium-term lease will create significant value for all Victorians.

The funds will be used for infrastructure projects across the length and breadth of Victoria and will support the Liberal Nationals’ plans for:

·       High Speed Rail between Melbourne and regional cities reaching speeds of up to 200 kmh, a return of train services to Mildura, Hamilton and Horsham and a new V/Line rolling stock;
·        Construction of the East West Link and the North East Link;
·        The largest extension of suburban rail since the City Loop with the extension of the Cranbourne line to  Clyde, the extension of the Frankston line to Baxter and the duplication of the Hurstbridge line between Greensborough and Eltham;
·        New and upgraded hospitals across Victoria; and
·        New and upgraded police stations.

One of the conditions of the lease will be increased usage of recycled water for non-drinking purposes.

There will be no increase in costs for consumers as a result of the lease, as fees are set by the independent Essential Services Commission, not by the operator.

The Victorian Government will continue to own the asset.

Similar to Labor’s leasing of the Port of Melbourne, all employees’ pay and conditions will be protected. Melbourne Water will remain accountable to the Minister for Water for ensuring the delivery of sewerage services, as provided for in the Constitution Act 1975. 

Before the last election, Daniel Andrews promised he wouldn’t introduce any new taxes. He broke that promise nine times. Now Daniel Andrews refuses to rule out new taxes if Labor’s re-elected.

Unlike Daniel Andrews and Labor, a Liberal Nationals Government will not introduce any new taxes to fund our ambitious infrastructure programme to decentralise our population. Our commitments are fully costed and fully funded.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Nationals, Peter Walsh:

“The medium-term leasing will raise funds which will then be directed to delivering new infrastructure to help Victoria grow and decentralise.

With a growing population, now more than ever we need a government with a bold vision to build for Victoria’s future needs.

Unlike Labor’s plan for even more taxes, a Liberal Nationals Government won’t introduce new taxes to build the infrastructure our state desperately needs in order to become a state of cities, instead of a city-state focused on Melbourne.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Michael O’Brien:

“This is a win-win for Victorians – more infrastructure and tax cuts. 

Labor will tax Victorians to pay for their unfunded promises. The Liberal Nationals will cut taxes while funding projects that Victorians need. 

There will be no increase in costs for consumers as a result of the lease, as fees are set by the independent Essential Services Commission, not by the operator.

Having sold or leased nearly $15 billion of Victorian assets in just four years we expect Daniel Andrews and Labor to support this important policy. 

Only a Liberal Nationals Government can be trusted to cut taxes and build new infrastructure to get back in control of population growth.”

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