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Malvern SES awarded Vic Government grant for new rescue truck

Malvern’s State Emergency Service unit will share in a record $11.95 million Coalition Government investment in operational equipment, vehicles and amenities upgrades across Victoria, Member for Malvern, Michael O’Brien MP said today.

Mr O’Brien said the Malvern SES Unit were among 261 volunteer emergency services units across Victoria to receive funding under the 2012/2013 Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program (VESEP).

Malvern’s SES Unit will receive a grant of $90,667 towards the $136,000 cost of replacing the unit’s 18 year old light rescue truck.

“We see our local emergency service volunteers in action when responding to life threatening situations such as fires, floods, heatwaves and storms, it is therefore crucial they have the necessary equipment for the job,” Mr O’Brien said.

“It is important our volunteer groups such as the SES are supported through grants such as the VESEP so they can continue to do what they do best, protecting lives and property throughout Victoria,” Mr O’Brien said.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Emergency Services Peter Ryan said Victoria’s 90,000 emergency services volunteers were fundamental to the state’s ability to prepare for and respond to emergencies.

“VESEP funding provides vital equipment for our volunteers who give up their time and energy and are selfless in their efforts to protect lives and property during an emergency,”.

“The Victorian Government contributes $2 for every $1 of funding contributed by local volunteer groups, demonstrating how much can be achieved when community, government and emergency services agencies work together,” Mr Ryan said.

Phillip Munslow, Unit Controller of VICSES Malvern Unit was pleased with the Government’s announcement.

“I am very happy with today’s announcement that the Malvern unit of the Victoria State Emergency Unit has secured funding to replace our ageing rescue truck,” Mr Munslow said.

“The VESEP program has made it possible for local emergency service groups to replace vital assets that will be used within the local community when man-made and natural disasters strike.

“The $90,000 to be provided by the government will be used with money raised by the volunteers to replace our ageing truck which will be a huge boost to the members and the Stonnington community,” said Mr Munslow.

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