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Letter to the Editor – Education Funding Agreement

You will be aware that after many months of negotiation with the Federal Government, the Victorian Coalition Government was recently able to sign on to the Better Schools Plan.  This is due to securing undertakings from the Federal Government that we consider fundamental to the quality of education in Victoria.

In particular, the Coalition Government insisted that Victorian school principals and councils remain autonomous, this is because principals and school councillors are the people who understand the immediate needs of the students in their care and are therefore best placed to run our schools.

Victorian Premier, Denis Napthine, is to be commended for ensuring that faceless bureaucrats in Canberra will never run our schools in the Malvern Electorate.

When the Federal Government eventually gave way on this point, the final obstacle to a new funding agreement was removed.

The agreement will see $12.2 billion for education in Victoria, with an additional $5.4 billion being invested by the Coalition Government and an additional $6.8 billion in Federal Government funding over the next six years.

This is a good deal for Victoria, Victorian schools and students.

This funding is in addition to our already unprecedented investment in education; in the 2013/14 State Budget the Victorian Coalition Government provided a record level of funding for Victorian schools.

The new funding agreement complements the Victorian Coalition Government’s education reforms and will provide every student in the Malvern Electorate with the best possible learning experience.

Yours faithfully

Hon Michael O’Brien, MP

Member for Malvern

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