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Malvern SES unit competes in national emergency rescue competition

Volunteers from the Malvern SES Unit have been chosen to represent Victoria and put their skills to the test against their interstate colleagues in the National Disaster Rescue Competition this weekend.

Treasurer and Member for Malvern Michael O’Brien  wished the seven volunteers from Malvern SES Unit well in the biennial two-day rescue competition.

“The Malvern SES Unit has a long and proud record of responding to storms and floods in Eastern Melbourne and I’m sure they will display these rescue skills as they represent Victoria in this national competition,“ Mr O’Brien said.

The Malvern Unit was chosen to represent Victoria by the SES Chief Officer Operations, Trevor White.  

The Malvern SES Unit covers all of the City of Stonnington, half of the City of Boroondara and one third of the City of Yarra.

“The unit regularly responds to emergencies and runs education and community events to help people prepare for and respond to emergencies,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The unit responded to over 300 calls for help in the last financial year so they have a strong record of responding to emergencies under pressure.”

Over 100 state and territory emergency services volunteers from across Australia will compete at the CFA training college in Fiskville.

The seven teams will be rated on how they respond to a series of staged emergencies that are based on the general rescue training that all operational emergency service volunteers undertake.

In previous years, the competition has included a simulated building collapse, mass causality incidents and rescues from heights.

The Malvern SES Unit has been operating since 1972 and currently has 55 members.

There are seven members representing Victoria:

  • Unit Controller, Phil Munslow;
  • Peter Duncan;
  • Victor Liaw;
  • Mark Parish;
  • Jennifer Roberts;
  • Timothy Udorovic; and
  • Lucy Rucinska-Stanek.

Mr O’Brien said the Victorian Coalition Government committed $47.23 million to Victoria State Emergency Service in the 2013-14 State Budget. 

“I congratulate the Malvern SES Unit on being chosen to represent Victoria and for their ongoing commitment to serving the community,” Mr O’Brien said.

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