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Glen Iris Junior Football Club: funding

Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- I raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Youth Affairs. The action I seek is for the minister to support the application by the Glen Iris Junior Football Club for funding to go towards the redevelopment of facilities at Muir Pavilion at Kooyong Park in my electorate. The Glen Iris Junior Football Club, known as the Gladiators, is one of the largest sporting organisations in my area. It has over 400 registered players and fields 18 teams every week. The club was founded in 1987.

An honourable member interjected.

Mr O'BRIEN -- They are going well. It has a fantastic reputation in the local community.

Mr Wynne interjected.

Mr O'BRIEN -- No, they do not. The Gladiators strongly encourage family involvement in their activities and good sportsmanship, respect for opponents and officials -- they should come in here -- and participation by juniors, regardless of ability. In short, this club is a model junior football club which makes an enormously positive contribution to the lives of many families, especially those with children, in my electorate.

I should add that the club's grant application also has the support of the member for Burwood. The Gladiators membership includes juniors from both the Malvern and Burwood electorates, and the bipartisan support for this application generated from both sides of the house demonstrates what a terrific project this is and why it is so deserving of the funding sought.

That brings me to the project itself. Glen Iris junior players have been working with the St Kevin's Old Boys Football Club, with which they currently share facilities at Muir pavilion, which is located at Righetti Oval in Kooyong Park. I have visited Muir pavilion on a number of occasions, and I can confirm that the current facilities are completely inadequate for their purpose. They do not meet existing needs of the club or other groups with access to the pavilion let alone have the capacity to accommodate future needs. Some of the problems include poor access internally for users and a lack of storage.

As well as that there are no separate female changing facilities, which is quite understandably hampering the club's ability to attract female players. There are also inadequate facilities for club teams, visiting opposition sides and umpires.

A major sport and recreation grant is being sought through Stonnington council. The club is seeking to develop a multipurpose space that incorporates operable walls to maximise the flexibility of the facility. This will advance the shared goals of the club and Stonnington City Council to transform Muir pavilion into a versatile venue that will offer opportunities for a broad range of community groups. The Glen Iris Junior Football Club's proposal to redevelop Muir pavilion will assist in building an important community asset for the area. It will make a long-term contribution not just to junior football in my electorate but to the welfare of the community more broadly because organisations other than the Gladiators also use Muir Pavilion.

This is a fantastic application. If the minister has any doubts about the need for this funding, I invite him to accompany me to Muir Pavilion. He will be made very welcome, especially if he brings his chequebook.

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