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Crime: city of Stonnington

Mr O'BRIEN -- Recent crime statistics for the city of Stonnington confirm what many constituents have felt, that their personal safety is under increasing threat. In 2008-09 crimes against the person in Stonnington increased by 5.6 per cent to 938, of which assaults made up 732, an increase of 18.3 per cent. Add to that a 192 per cent jump in public order offences and a 165 per cent jump in public behaviour offences and it is clear that our streets are not as safe as they should be.

In noting these worrying figures I wish to restate my support, and that of my constituents, for the fantastic work being performed by our local police. I thank the men and women who serve at Malvern police station and Prahran criminal investigation unit for their dedication. However, one simple fact remains: there are simply not enough of them.

The Brumby government's 'rob Peter to pay Paul' approach to police numbers is responsible for this increase in crime that affects the freedom of my constituents, including the students of Sacre Coeur college, to walk the streets in safety.

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