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Planning: Armadale development

Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- Despite 11 years of infrastructure neglect, the Brumby government's Melbourne 2030 planning laws continue to shoehorn high-rise, high-density housing developments into established suburbs in my Malvern electorate; and just as bad is the planning minister's propensity to call in planning applications, sideline local councils and ride roughshod over the rights of local residents. Given the corruption of the planning process exposed by the Windsor Hotel fiasco, no Victorian can have confidence in the current Minister for Planning.

It is feared that the government will call in an application by Lend Lease to develop land at 590 Orrong Road in Armadale. The developers propose to construct a series of residential buildings, including high-rise towers up to 16 storeys high containing around 500 apartments and townhouses.

Understandably this has caused significant concern amongst local residents, who are worried about the impact it may have on the local built environment, amenity, traffic and access to open space. The residents meeting on 14 July noted that nearby Toorak station cannot cope with current peak hour passenger numbers, let alone a proposed massive influx of people.

On behalf of these many concerned residents I warn the planning minister he must not call this project in and decide it over his desk. Local residents are entitled to see Stonnington City Council make a decision that takes into account all relevant factors, including the legitimate concerns of the surrounding residents. If Stonnington residents are again ignored by this government, I have no doubt they will respond at the ballot box in November, and it will prove fatal to the career of the member for Prahran.
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