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Hiding from scrutiny and accountability is in Daniel Andrews and Labor’s DNA.  For over two months Daniel Andrews has refused to agree to a Leaders Debate on ABC TV.  Labor has now cancelled two debates at the last minute betwe... Read more

After Planning Minister Richard Wynne exposed Labor’s plans to introduce a $3,000 tax on every new apartment, Labor government modelling shows plans for a new property tax on business to pay for his unfunded $56 billion in infrastructure promi... Read more

Daniel Andrews must explain to Victorians the tax increases he will impose on motorists to pay for his $56 billion in unfunded infrastructure promises. When Daniel Andrews announced his unfunded Suburban Rail Loop, he said that “value captur... Read more

Daniel Andrews will hike taxes by a conservative $12.5 billion and mortgage our infrastructure to foreign governments to pay for his unfunded infrastructure promises. These tax increases on residential property, car rego, payroll tax, tolls on pub... Read more

Planning Minister Richard Wynne has today let slip Labor’s tax plans to pay for their $56 billion in unfunded infrastructure promises. He was asked four times by Jon Faine to rule out a tax of $3,000 on every new apartment and four times he ... Read more

Labor government documents reveal Daniel Andrews’ latest tax hit: a $3,000 ‘Apartment Tax’ on Victorians buying new apartments in order to pay for his unfunded $56 billion infrastructure promises. Daniel Andrews’ plan for a... Read more

Daniel Andrews has today again refused to rule out more new taxes if he is re-elected. At a doorstop in Maroona, the Premier was asked again to rule out more new Labor taxes. He failed.  This is the third time in as many months that Danie... Read more

The release of the Pre-Election Budget Update confirms that Daniel Andrews and Labor have lost control of taxes and spending at a time when Victoria’s property market is in decline.  Treasury has  forecast a slump... Read more

Daniel Andrews’ new tax plans include a $12.5 billion property tax slug to pay for his unfunded Suburban Rail Loop promise, according to modelling by the Labor government.  When Labor announced its $50 billion plus Suburban Rail... Read more

Daniel Andrews will introduce a raft of hip pocket taxes to pay for his unfunded infrastructure promises if he is successful at the election. Launching his $50 billion plus “Suburban Rail Loop” on August 28 Mr Andrews said “&helli... Read more

Daniel Andrews is recycling his tax increases as subsidies for rooftop solar for the rich while forcing up power prices for those who cannot afford it.   The absurd irony of this subsidy is that Andrews introduced the $1.24 billion subsidy... Read more

In another plank in our plan to decentralise our jobs and our population, a Liberal Nationals Government will cut the current payroll tax rate of 2.425% for qualifying businesses in regional Victoria to just 1.0%. The new rate under a Liberal Na... Read more

Daniel Andrews has lost control of population growth and its hurting community sport in our local suburbs. That’s why an elected Liberal Nationals Government will provide $2.6 million towards the upgrade of RF Miles Reserve, Seaford. The... Read more

Another day, another Daniel Andrews election promise to be paid for by new taxes. Today’s election promise of new level crossing removals – which is scheduled for 7 years away – is silent on how it will be paid for. ... Read more

At next month’s election, voters in the seat of South West Coast will have a chance to judge James Purcell on his record of supporting new taxes on Victorians. James Purcell’s voting record speaks for itself. Thanks to James Purce... Read more

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