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Background In a desperate bid to prop up the failed Back to Work scheme, the Andrews Government threw $62,700 of taxpayer money on propaganda. Reports today of new information from a Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing show that Lab... Read more

1 January 2017 marks not only a new year but a range of new Labor taxes and charges on Victorian households. From today, Victorians can expect to pay an extra $300 per household for gas and electricity. This rise is largely due to the impending c... Read more

Daniel Andrews is now the highest taxing Premier in Victoria’s history. In only two years, the Andrews Government has hauled in an extra $3.7 billion in tax revenue from Victorians. The ratio of tax to gross state product sits at 5.5%, up... Read more

When it comes to public holidays in Victoria, Daniel Andrews and Labor are as consistent as weather vanes. Before the last election Daniel Andrews preached about how public holidays were special and sacrosanct, saying about Easter Sunday: &l... Read more

In this year’s budget Daniel Andrews ripped $252m in new taxes out of the Latrobe Valley but now he wants credit for giving some back.  This is bastardry disguised as charity. Daniel Andrews' $252 million tax hike takes effect on 1 ... Read more

Daniel Andrews bears responsibility for the decision to bring forward the closure of Hazelwood power station to 2017. It was only in September 2005 that the then-Labor government signed an agreement with Hazelwood’s owners that extended the ... Read more

Labor’s failed ‘Back to Work’ scheme will be closed for business as of next Monday. Under this secretive government, the closure announcement was nowhere to be found on the Premier’s website, but buried on the State Revenue ... Read more

As the new financial year starts today, Victorians have woken up to a string of higher taxes and charges to pay for Daniel Andrews’ wasteful spending. Homebuyers face paying up to $2,234 more in fees when they purchase a home under massive inc... Read more

Jacinta Allan has applied her reverse-Midas touch to train and tram strikes, Sky Rail, Uber and V/Line and now as Employment Minister she has set her sights on Victorian jobs. Today’s jobs figures are the latest in a long line of reasons why D... Read more

Labor Treasurer Tim Pallas is looking to double the stamp duty paid by young Victorians looking to buy their first home. The current 50 per cent stamp duty concession, introduced by the former Coalition Government, will save Victorian first home b... Read more

Labor’s secret plan to pay for its Melbourne Metro project on the taxpayer credit card has been revealed today in the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing.  Treasury officials confirmed that the cost of the project will be re... Read more

This is a tax and spend budget that would even make Wayne Swan blush.    This budget has no economic plan and no jobs plan.  While the New South Wales economy powers ahead with tens of thousands of new full-time jobs and new investmen... Read more

The $10 million a year body set up by Daniel Andrews is ‘Infrastructure Victoria’ in name only. Taxpayers are funding this $10 million a year agency to review just two projects.   Meanwhile Daniel Andrews has failed to put the foll... Read more

News that up to 900 Target jobs are at risk is a huge blow to Geelong.  Under Daniel Andrews more than 1000 jobs have been lost in Geelong and Ford will soon close their doors.  Daniel Andrews once promised to fight for every single job b... Read more

Tim Pallas has today admitted that Daniel Andrews lied when he committed to 100,000 full-time jobs in two years.  Tim Pallas now claims it wasn’t a promise but rather a “stretch target”.   Before the election Daniel And... Read more

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