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Entries for June 2014

The Victorian Coalition Government notes today’s Supreme Court judgment in the gaming entitlements litigation that was brought against the State of Victoria. This is a mixed outcome for the State. Whilst we are pleased that His Honour Justic... Read more

· HVHR process has improved cost and delivery of major government projects · DTF will implement all recommendations · Daniel Andrews and Labor are a risk to Victoria’s finances The Victorian Auditor-General has today ... Read more

·   Two consortia shortlisted to deliver the eastern section of the East West Link ·   Leading local and international companies vying to deliver the project ·   Victorian Coalition Government is b... Read more

·   Victoria’s population grew by almost 108,000 persons in 2013, bringing our population to 5.79 million ·   $27 billion infrastructure program to support population growth ·   Coalition Gov... Read more

·   Regional employment increased by 11,300 in the year to May ·   17,000 new jobs created in Victoria’s primary industries ·   Coalition Government is building a better Victoria Employmen... Read more

·   Review to seek views on gaming machine entitlement terms for hotels and clubs ·   Strong responsible gambling measures to be central to the decision making process The Victorian Coalition Government is seekin... Read more

·   19,500 jobs created in Victoria in May, the strongest result nationwide ·   77,200 more people employed in Victoria under the Coalition Government ·   The Coalition Government is deliverin... Read more

·   State final demand increased by 1.8 per cent over the year to March ·   Coalition Government’s $27 billion infrastructure program will grow the economy ·   Victorians cannot risk putting ... Read more

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