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Daniel Andrews and Labor backflip on East West Link and 6,200 new jobs

 . Desperate Daniel Andrews and Labor back flip on East West Link, threaten to rip up contracts

· Labor threaten Victoria’s budget and AAA credit rating

· Daniel Andrews and Labor will leave Victorians stuck in gridlock and destroy 6,200 jobs

Daniel Andrews and Labor have turned their back on Victorians and responsible economic management by threatening to rip up East West Link contracts if elevated to government in November.

The extraordinary revelations in The Age today confirm that Daniel Andrews will put the jobs of a few inner city Labor politicians, under threat from the Greens, ahead of the rest of Victoria and the 6,200 jobs the East West Link will create.

“Commuters stuck in traffic know that the East West Link project will keep Victoria moving. Victoria needs the East West Link, the Melbourne Rail Link and the Airport Rail Link. Only the Napthine Coalition Government will build them,” Mr O’Brien said.

“This threat to rip up contracts is the most reckless and irresponsible statement any Opposition Leader has ever made,” Mr O’Brien said.

“This is a reckless political stunt designed to protect inner city Labor MPs from the Greens at the expense of building transport infrastructure and creating jobs for our growing population.”

Daniel Andrews and Labor have sent a strong message to the national and international business community that under a Labor Government Victoria is closed for business, creating a sovereign risk for businesses that enter into contracts with the State.

“Ripping up a contract will cost the State billions of dollars in damages, compensation and refunds, send the State’s budget from surplus into deficit, and push up the cost of future infrastructure projects,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Victoria will be closed for business if Daniel Andrews and Labor are ever elected.

“Daniel Andrews’ threat to rip up contracts echoes the same desperate tactics of John Brumby who threatened to rip up CityLink contracts before the 1996 election. Labor were wrong then and they are wrong now,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Daniel Andrews is from the Socialist Left faction of the Labor Party. He doesn’t care that ripping up contracts would permanently damage Victoria’s reputation with businesses, with investors, with lenders.”

“The Napthine Coalition Government has a record infrastructure program that will deliver both sections of the East West Link, build the Melbourne Rail Link including the Airport Rail Link, remove level crossings right across the state, increase the capacity on the Cranbourne-Pakenham rail line and build the Murray Basin Rail Project,” Mr O’Brien said.

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