$1.2 million spent spruiking Labor’s “Ghost Train”

The Andrews Labor Government has splurged a staggering $1.2 million on government advertisements spruiking the High Capacity Metro Trains project (HCMT) since 2017.

Documents released to the Opposition under Freedom of Information make clear the utter waste paid for by Victorians.

Daniel Andrews has gone to great lengths to paint a rosy picture, but the tragic fact is these are effectively ghost trains that will never turn up at the station because they are not yet in service.

But that hasn’t stopped Andrews squandering taxpayers’ money on expensive ads for a train you can’t even catch.

The claim he’s ‘consulting’ is nothing more than spurious cover for his taxpayer funded self-promotion.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure David Davis: 

“The HCMTs are another botched Labor transport project, years late now, but still the focus of intense Labor spruiking and wall to wall ads.”

“Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars splashed on a ghost train.

“Pictures of Minister Allan, virtual reality and logos and images, animation all years ahead of the trains’ delivery. There is a whole industry created to spruik these elusive trains which are largely made in China.

“I can see why they needed virtual reality because they didn’t have the real trains and won’t for years to come.”

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