Today marks 200 days of lockdown here in Victoria.

Premier Daniel Andrews has mismanaged the pandemic response and Victorians have suffered.

This is one milestone nobody will be celebrating.

The fact is, the Andrews Government’s failures have created more pain and heartache for Victorian families than anywhere else in Australia.

The Government has failed dismally to get us out of lockdown. The latest, Lockdown 6, shows no sign of ending in the short term.

We need hope, we need compassion. And most of all, we need a plan to get out of lockdown.

We need a plan to revive small businesses, kick-start events and get Victoria back to the top.

We need a plan to implement rapid testing get our students back in the classroom- where they belong.

The Andrews Government’s years of mismanagement have left us ill-prepared to deal with the Covid crisis.

The mismanagement of the economy and the health system has left this state vulnerable.

We need a long term plan to re-generate our proud state.

We need a plan to get Victoria back to the top.

Comments attributable to Opposition Leader, Michael O’Brien:

“200 days of lockdown has caused so much pain for so many.

“The mental health toll of these on-going restrictions is massive, especially for our kids.

“Victorians need a plan to end lockdowns, take our lives back and get Victoria back to the top.”