Andrews confirms that school is the decision of parents

On day eight of Term Two, some parents are still having their children turned away from Victorian schools.

Some schools are still at odds with the Premier, who when asked in Parliament’s Question Time yesterday, confirmed that parents – and not the school – have the authority to determine whether a child can attend. 

Mixed messaging from the State Government has added to the confusion with widespread reports from parents whose public school had refused to allow their child to attend or required them to fill out an application form on which a decision is made by the school. 

On questioning by the Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien, the Premier said “…ultimately parents make a judgment about whether they can or cannot educate their kids at home… there are, there are students who, for various reasons, cannot do that. There are families who can’t do that, and they are and they are able to attend schools that are open – public schools, at least – across the board for that very reason.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Cindy McLeish:

“If you take your child to school today, and the school turns you away, this is not acceptable.

“Parents should now be comforted to know that if they are unable to school their children from home, that their school is an option for them.

“Stories of working parents being unable to access their local school are widespread, across the state.”

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