Andrews Labor Government charging Victorians millions for ‘ghost hotels’

Another failure in Daniel Andrews’ botched hotel quarantine program has seen Victorian taxpayers fork out $4.3 million to hotels that never hosted a single returned traveller.

Figures obtained through Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) hearings, reveal four of the nine hotels that were contracted for the hotel quarantine program, but not used, shared in $4.3 million from the State.

The other five were repurposed for other programs, but not used for hotel quarantine.

Victorians are fed-up with the waste and incompetence of Daniel Andrews’ hotel quarantine program.

How is it that the Andrews Labor Government can approve $61.9 million for private security but still can’t – or won’t – say who ordered their use in hotel quarantine?

Whether it’s millions paid for facilities that were never used or spending more on security than hotels, Victorians are yet again picking up the tab of Daniel Andrews’ botched hotel quarantine program.

The only ones benefiting from Daniel Andrews’ failed COVID response, are those that have sweetheart deals with the Andrews Labor Government.

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