Andrews Labor Government placing lives at risk by blocking fuel reduction burns

As reported by Neil Mitchell on 3AW, CFA volunteers across the state are being prevented from conducting fuel reduction burns because Daniel Andrews’ bureaucrats are refusing to approve them.

Applications for fuel reduction burns are sitting on the desks of “Vegetation Management Officers” as CFA volunteers warn of the devastation that could result from not undertaking this urgent work.

Parts of Victoria will enter the fire danger period next Monday, meaning that these areas may have already missed the opportunity to conduct fuel reduction burns that are required to protect lives and properties.

Daniel Andrews is already responsible for over 790 deaths due to his incompetent management of hotel quarantine and he is now placing more lives at risk by failing to prepare for the potentially deadly upcoming fire season.

Victorians have lost confidence in Daniel Andrews and his government that has failed to ensure Victorians are properly prepared for our upcoming fire season.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Nick Wakeling:

“Daniel Andrews must urgently act to ensure fuel reduction burns can commence to protect bushfire vulnerable communities.

“Has Daniel Andrews learnt nothing from the devastation of our last fire season?

“Daniel Andrews must ensure our dedicated CFA volunteers can conduct the fuel reduction burns that are crucial to protect lives and property.”

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