In yet another example of the Andrews Labor Government focusing on the wrong issues, personalised number plates are being cancelled for being ‘offensive to the broader community’.

Portland resident Peter Hansen was contacted by VicRoads regarding his personalised plate ‘WEPN’, and was told that VicRoads has made “the decision that it is inappropriate for public display.” Peter appealed the decision and waited three weeks, only to be told the verdict would stand.

This is a staggering example of the Andrews Labor Government’s warped priorities. 

They are too worried about branch stacking and cancelling number plates to look after the interests of Victorians. Add the botched wire rope barrier project to this list, it is clear Daniel Andrews has lost sight of what matters – the Victorian public.

Earlier this week the government revealed that it will now take VicRoads a year-and-a-half to clear its current driver licence testing backlog because of its failure to provide appropriate additional resourcing.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads (Metropolitan), Brad Battin:

“Daniel Andrews has again shown his priorities are not in line with Victorians.

“Instead of being worried about creating jobs and steering Victoria through the COVID-19 pandemic, Daniel Andrews is more concerned about cancelling number plates. 

“How out of touch can you be to focus on this instead of getting Victoria though this once-in-a-lifetime crisis?”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Rural Roads, Roma Britnell:

“While people are stuck on months-long waiting lists to get their licence and south-west Victorians are driving on the worst roads in the state, Daniel Andrews’ focus is on someone’s personalised number plate. 

“Rather than focusing on trivial matters like this, he should be clearing the testing backlog and fixing our crumbling rural roads.”