Andrews Labor Government votes against transparency and accountability

A Private Member’s Bill introduced by the Liberal Nationals requiring the Andrews Labor Government to publicly release the health advice being used to trigger lockdowns and harsh restrictions has been voted down by the government and three Labor voting crossbenchers in the Parliament.

The Parliament exists to scrutinise the government of the day and it’s shocking that this week crossbenchers Fiona Patten, Andy Meddick, and Samantha Ratnam have once again sided with Labor in supporting secrecy and denying Victorians access to the information being used to restrict their freedoms.

These crossbenchers have form, also voting with the government in extending the State of Emergency when it was debated in the Parliament.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, the Liberal Nationals have pushed the Government to be more transparent and accountable. Multiple Freedom of Information requests have been lodged, with many blocked and now being appealed with the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, as well as the Liberal Nationals questioning the Labor in the Parliament.

The Liberal Nationals’ Bill was aimed at forcing the Chief Health Officer to furnish Parliament documents upon which the decisions are based to make directions or orders that impose restrictions on the lives of all Victorians, during a State of Emergency period.

The Andrews Labor Government is guilty of keeping Victorians in the dark and has once again voted against transparency and accountability, which Victorians expect and rightfully deserve.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“This is just another arrogant example of the Andrews Labor Government treating Victorians with contempt. Since day one of this pandemic, Labor has continued to hide the information it is using to inform decisions that restrict the lives of 6 million Victorians.

“The Liberal Nationals introduced this Bill to force the government to be transparent when locking down millions of Victorians, disrupting their lives and livelihoods and forcing thousands of businesses to close.

“Despite the Andrews Labor Government claiming all decisions are informed by public health advice, it claims it is not in the public interest to release these documents. Labor will do anything to avoid scrutiny, transparency and accountability, and Victorians deserve better.”

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