Andrews should focus on easing restrictions, not witch hunts

Reports today that the Andrews Labor Government has referred to Victoria Police for investigation the alleged leak of Daniel Andrews’ so-called ‘road to recovery’ are deeply concerning.

The decision to prioritise scarce resources into investigating how a document Daniel Andrews described as “out of date” and “of no status”, came into the public domain just shows the true priorities of this rotten, lying government.

Step by step Daniel Andrews has reduced scrutiny and accountability.

From his failure to fund the corruption watchdog, IBAC, to shutting down Parliament during much of his COVID-19 second wave, under-resourcing VCAT so that FOI appeals are delayed into the never-never and now going after public servants for allegedly leaking information.

Daniel Andrews now leads one of the most secretive and paranoid governments in Australian history.

Comments attributable to Shadow Attorney-General, Edward O’Donohue:

“The increasingly desperate, dysfunctional and secretive Andrews Labor Government will do anything it can to stop Victorians from knowing the truth.

“Rather than a witch hunt, Daniel Andrews should be focused on saving the small businesses he’s smashed and the families he has destroyed because of his hotel quarantine COVID-19 second wave.”

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