Andrews’ toxic soil coverup

The Andrews Labor Government is refusing to release policies, scientific papers and assessments of contaminated soil, including PFAS-contaminated soil from the West Gate Tunnel Project.

A Liberal Nationals December 2019 Freedom of Information request for these documents to the Environment Protection Agency was refused and is currently facing appeal at VCAT.

A 17 June resolution of the Legislative Council that these documents be tabled by 22 July has been fobbed off, with the absurd claim Labor hasn’t had sufficient time to respond to the Council’s resolution.

What is Daniel Andrews hiding? 

Well, the Andrews Labor Government’s special new regulations actually strip away protection in the Environment Protection Act and give Transurban virtual open slater on dumping toxic PFAS soil.

How can the Bacchus Marsh community properly assess the efficacy of any Environmental Management Plan the EPA may issue Maddingley Brown Coal, or the operators of sites at Ravenhall and Bulla? 

We are talking about transport through and storage in the community of toxic PFAS contaminated West Gate Tunnel soil, just 200 metres from homes, schools and community facilities. 

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, David Davis:

“The Andrews Labor Government knows the dangers associated with transporting and storing toxic PFAS contaminated soil, but the Premier is not prepared to share it with the public.

“The Andrews Labor Government has stated it’s safe to store this soil just 200 metres from homes, schools and community facilities, but steadfastly refuse to publicly release the science on which this claim is based.

“If it’s safe, then they would have released the documents.  By not releasing the documents and instead, by fighting tooth and nail to keep them secret, they are demonstrating that the communities impacted by the transport and storage of this toxic waste should be very concerned.”

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