Back to Work and Back in Business (ARCHIVED)

Dear fellow Victorians,

By working with the State and Federal Governments, we suppressed the first wave of COVID-19 and we are all doing our bit to get through the recent surge in cases.

We appreciate everyone who has contributed to the effort to control this virus, especially our essential workers. You have our sincere thanks.

Suppressing the pandemic, however, has come at a significant cost to our local economy, our community and to our way of life.

Given the damage the COVID 19 outbreaks have caused to the Victorian economy it is urgent that the Andrews Labor Government puts in place a clear plan that enables us to take back our lives and rebuild our local communities.

Many hard lessons have been learnt from the virus outbreak; we now need to take action to deal with these shortcomings, such as our relative lack of local manufacturing capacity.

The Liberals and Nationals have worked constructively during the virus pandemic to provide positive suggestions, and to hold the Andrews Government to account for its actions.

In that same constructive manner we have prepared this Plan: our positive suggestions about what we believe should be the key priorities for the Government in the recovery phase.

This is not a plan for the next election; Victorians can’t afford to wait that long. This is our Plan for immediate action by the Andrews Labor Government so that Victoria can rebuild from the damage done by COVID-19 to our jobs, our communities and our lives.

These suggestions are necessarily bold and ambitious, because we don’t believe that business as usual is going to be enough to secure our recovery.

Our Plan has four themes

No single political party has a mortgage on good ideas. With Victoria’s future at stake, the Liberals and Nationals urge the Andrews Labor Government to adopt our Plan to Get Victoria Back to Work and Back in Business.

May 2020

Our Plan

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