Contact tracing failures putting lives at risk

It’s no wonder Victorians are feeling let down by the Andrews Labor Government when it continually fails to get the basics right.

The Andrews Labor Government’s shambolic contact tracing processes have failed to make contact with up to 1000 Victorians in the past week who may have coronavirus or be close contacts.

Delays in asking people who have tested positive or to identify close contacts, will be the difference between containing the virus or creating further outbreaks, leading to more threats of stricter lockdowns.

Every case needs to be followed up every day and that just hasn’t happened.

Other states and territories have had effective contact tracing in place for months, but it’s now mid-July and the Andrews Labor Government still can’t get the basics right.

These are massive administrative failures by the Andrews Labor Government that are putting the lives and livelihoods of Victorians at risk.

It’s not bad luck that Victorians are in lockdown, it’s because of incompetence and mismanagement by the Andrews Labor Government.

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