Cover-up on transport fares change goes to VCAT

Labor is doubling down to keep a brief on public transport fare increases kept secret, fighting its release in VCAT.

The release of ministerial briefs, requested of the Department of Transport under the Freedom of Information Act on 28 August 2020, including the brief Recently approved fares policy change and options for announcement is being blocked by Labor.

According to lawyers for the government, the brief on approved fares policy change ”is claimed to be exempt in part under s 30(1) under the Act. This relates to information has not been the subject of a public announcement, and so would be contrary to the public interest to disclose.”

Clearly this is absurd. How can it be against the public interest for fares policy changes that have already been approved to be publicly released? The Andrews Labor Government must rule out increasing fares as indicated in these secret documents or will it instead announce these changes on a “take out the trash” day when it hopes no-one will notice.

It’s not clear from the documents whether this relates to a general fare change or a fare change for students – either way Victorians have a right to be informed about changes affecting them.

With our economy so fragile, now is the worst time for Labor to be slugging Victorians. The Andrews Labor Government has lost control of the budget and its only plan is to increase taxes.

Victorians are sick of the lies and coverups and know it’s time for a change in government. A Liberal Nationals Government will deliver accountability and transparency. 

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