Dan has no plan – except to hit Victorians with more taxes

Victorian families and small businesses are paying the price of the Andrews Labor Government’s lack of a plan with massive tax hikes starting tomorrow.

Dan may have come back, but he has no plan for Victorians. No plan for a COVID recovery or for the economy.

Dan has no plan beyond picking the pockets of struggling Victorians to pay for Labor’s mismanagement and waste.

Victorians are fleeing to other states with the Andrews Labor Government’s lack of a plan driving our population away as the following new taxes come into play from 1 July:

  • Stamp duty hikes on families buying a home
  • An unprecedented 60 per cent increase to the Bin Tax
  • A new tax on driving electric vehicles
  • Increased taxes on Victorians betting and wagering
  • A 10 per cent increase to fines

Struggling Victorian small businesses who deferred payroll tax in 2020-21 are now required to make catchup payments that they cannot afford.

Victorians driving to and from work on CityLink will also be hit with tolls increasing at four times the rate of inflation due to Labor’s dodgy West Gate Tunnel deal with Transurban.

Labor’s hikes to land taxes which affect small business and new payroll taxes on jobs will also come into effect in 2022.

Victorians are doing it tough. To put more tax on them now, as they start to pick up the pieces, is just cruel.

Victorians have been going through hardships due to the negligence of the Andrews Labor Government. We cannot stand by these new taxes to cause more hurt.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“Dan has no plan for Victorian families or small businesses except for taxing them more.

“Labor has made Victoria the highest-taxed state in the nation. That’s not a badge of honour, it’s a mark of shame.

“We are a hard-working state, a community that aspires to achieve and we’re copping more new taxes to pay for Labor’s mismanagement.

“That dream that is shared across Victoria is now at risk by new stamp duty hikes on families buying a home – a tax hike the Liberal Nationals have vowed to repeal in government.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:

“These taxes are crushing the aspirations of hard-working Victorians.

“Labor has blown the budget and when Labor runs out of money, it comes after yours.

“The Liberal Nationals believe in growing our economy and making Victoria the best place to live, to work, to grow up and to grow old.”

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