Daniel Andrews and the Labor Government impose new tax on number plates

By voting down amendments proposed by the Liberal Nationals in the Upper House this afternoon, Daniel Andrews and the Labor Government have this afternoon imposed yet another new tax on Victorians.

As part of the Transport Legislation Amendment Bill, proposed changes to the way non-standard number plates are sold meant that owners would have had to pay a periodic fee and would no longer be able to sell the plate for profit. 

The Liberal Nationals opposed this strongly and moved amendment to remove the tax. 

After getting cross-bench support from Fiona Patten, Andy Meddick, Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party and – bizarrely – the Transport Matters Party, the Andrews Labor Government voted against the Liberal Nationals’ amendment and forced the bill through without changes.

At a time when hard-working Victorians can least afford it – because of the failings of the Andrews Labor Government – Daniel Andrews is diving into the pockets and taking money away from hard-working Victorians.

This is just another unfair tax from what is already the highest taxing state government in Australia.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Road Safety and the TAC, Brad Battin:

“Victorians are out of work because of Daniel Andrews’ gross negligence and now he wants to hit them with a new tax.

“Slugging Victorians with yet another tax when they can least afford it – how tone deaf can Daniel Andrews be?

“This is a blatant grab for cash from a government that can’t manage the budget or major projects.”

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