Great Alpine Road, near Bruthen. 10/01/07

Daniel Andrews’ campaign to destroy the CFA intensifies

As revealed this morning, Daniel Andrews campaign to strip CFA volunteers of their capacity and ability to protect the community in favour of his mates in the UFU continues unabated.

Daniel Andrews’ Cabinet, when not brawling with each over branch stacking, is leaking like a sieve.

Leaked documents show that Labor is considering plans from the UFU for 600 more career firefighters in Victoria; sidelining CFA volunteers who have protected our state for decades.

Earlier this week the CFA’s CEO and Chief Officer, Steve Warrington resigned over Labor’s plans to hand the running of the CFA over to Andrews’ mates in the UFU.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Nick Wakeling:

“Daniel Andrews is selling out our hardworking, dedicated volunteers in the CFA.

“The CFA and its 54,000 volunteers have no leader and no management as Daniel Andrews’ destructive war on the CFA rages on.

“CFA volunteers risk their lives to keep our community safe but Daniel Andrews couldn’t care less about them.

“The Liberal Nationals will always remember the sacrifices that CFA volunteers make for our community; we won’t turn our backs on them.”

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