Daniel Andrews’ “phantom” transport plan

Daniel Andrews’ “phantom” transport plan is such a secret plan it exists only in the mind of obscure and secretive bureaucrats and his incompetent transport portfolio ministers.

He has never released the plan and the Auditor-General’s damaging report makes it clear that transport planning in Victoria is a complete and utter shambles.

The Victorian Auditor-General found the government’s “assertion that its 40 separate plans and strategies presently meet the (Transport Integration) Act’s integrated transport plan requirements does not withstand scrutiny”.

The Auditor concluded the Department of Transport (DoT) “and it predecessors have not, over the past decade, demonstrably integrated transport planning and are yet to meet the Act’s requirements for the transport plan”.

Concerningly, the Auditor also identified that –

“the absence of the transport plan as required by the Act during a decade of unprecedented investment in transport infrastructure creates risks:

  • of missed opportunities to sequence and optimise the benefits of these investments to meet Victoria’s transport needs
  • that DoT’s day-to-day operational decisions are narrowly focused and perpetuate the lack of integration in the state’s transport system.”

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure David Davis

“The Auditor-General has today pinged Andrews and Labor – they have no plan – despite the fact that Labor’s own Transport Integration Act 2010 requires DoT to prepare and periodically revise the transport plan for Victoria.”

“Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan are officially on a frolic with tens of billions of dollars of Victorian taxpayers’ money, wasting eyewatering amounts of our hard earned cash on unplanned and unintegrated Transport Infrastructure projects.

“Of course there should be a plan. How else can you coordinate the many services and maximise the benefit of transport infrastructure spending? 

“Labor has been in power for 18 of the last 22 years and they still have no plan. No wonder there are massive cost blowouts. No wonder they can’t run the trains on time.

“What a shambles. At a time when massive infrastructure spending is occurring there is no overall plan, with projects having all the appearance of a dog’s breakfast.”

Comments from Shadow Minister for Regional Roads Roma Britnell

“Another day, another Auditor-General report with scathing findings against the Andrews Labor Government.

“This is another example of the Andrews Labor Government’s inability to have a coherent and comprehensive plan for Victoria. 

“An integrated transport plan is vital to Victoria’s future, but the Andrews Labor Government has no plan for anything, let alone how Victorians will move around the state in the years to come.”

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