Daniel Andrews silent on big battery’s big problems

Over four consecutive days, parts of the Andrews Labor Government’s flagship “Big Battery” have literally been left in a flaming heap.

Media reports have confirmed that flames at the Moorabool site of Victoria’s big battery are yet to be fully extinguished, with sparks continuing to reignite the fires burning inside of two battery packs.

The 300 MW battery has been touted by the Government as a key component to fill the 1450 MW hole that will be created by the retirement of the Yallourn coal-fired power plant in mid-2028.

If Labor’s renewable energy solutions go up in flames even before they’re fully operational – what hope do Victorians have that this Government will be able to effectively manage the renewable energy transition?  

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the Andrews Labor Government to urgently investigate what went wrong and why. 

Batteries have a critical role to play in our renewable future but must be safe for communities, staff, and our power grid.

Victorians are sick of Labor’s empty energy rhetoric. The Liberal Nationals will oversee a renewable energy transition that prioritises reliability, affordability, and safety.      

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