A motion of no confidence in Premier Daniel Andrews will be debated in State Parliament this week.

The unprecedented move has been supported by tens of thousands of Victorians who are fed up with the lies and the cover ups of the Andrews Labor Government.

There are 791 Victorians who have died and hundreds of thousands of people are out of work as a direct result of Daniel Andrews’ bad decisions that led to the second wave.

And small businesses that were employing Victorians just a few months ago have closed their doors.

Despite 99 per cent of cases in the second wave being linked to the government’s failed hotel quarantine, the Andrew Labor Government is failing to accept responsibility.

The lies continue to unravel, with former Health Minister Jenny Mikakos – a former close ally of Daniel Andrews – among the people who say his evidence can’t be trusted.

We deserve better. That’s why the Liberal Nationals will be voting no confidence in the Premier when the motion is debated in State Parliament this week.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“More than 75,000 Victorians have called out the lies, mistakes and cover ups that have left us with no confidence in Daniel Andrews and his Labor Government.

“Every single Labor MP will have an opportunity this week to show who they stand with – Daniel Andrews or the Victorian people they were elected to represent.

“While other states have managed to get the virus under control and to reopen their business, life is still far from normal for millions of Victorians.”

Comments attributable to Leader of The Nationals, Peter Walsh:

“There’s nearly 800 families who have had their hearts broken by the loss of a loved one to this insidious virus. A loss that would have been avoided if Daniel Andrews had done his job properly and made sure the government properly managed the hotel quarantine program.

“Regional Victoria has worn the devastating consequences of Daniel Andrews letting the virus slip through the cracks in Melbourne. 

“I have no confidence the city centric Labor Government will ever put our best interests before its own and that’s why I’m voting no confidence in Daniel Andrews this week in Parliament.”