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Families feel financial pain as Andrews sends gas interstate

The Andrews Labor Government is sending more gas to other states, despite producing less here for domestic consumption.  Leaving less for families and ultimately, driving prices up.

The disappointing latest figures come from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)’s most recent Quarterly Energy Dynamics (QED).

Page 30 of the report states that in last quarter of 2020 Victoria:

 [P]roduction issues for much of the quarter resulted in [Victoria] producing 0.9PJ less [gas].

Staggeringly, the same report found we simultaneously exported more gas interstate than we have at any other time in the last two years.

Page 33 of the report shows that we are now exporting more gas intestate than we have at any time since January 2019, despite producing less gas for hardworking Victorian families.

This bizarre disconnect makes no sense. With absurd policies like this, it’s no wonder Victorian gas prices increased by over 125 percent under Daniel Andrews and Labor between December 2014 and December 2019.   

Last year Labor made a decision to extended the moratorium on conventional onshore gas exploration in Victorian until at least July 2021.

The Liberal Nationals have committed to securing a future supply of natural gas for Victoria by immediately ending the moratorium on conventional onshore natural gas, and supporting new natural gas exploration and development in our state.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Resources, Ryan Smith:

“Daniel Andrews and Labor need to stop sending all our gas interstate when Victorian families are hurting from higher gas prices during COVID-19.

“It makes no sense to send gas to other parts of Australia before taking care of our own needs right here at home.”

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