Family violence victims feeling less safe during Dan’s lockdown

Documents tabled today for the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) hearing have given a damning report on the real impact of Daniel Andrews’ lockdown on family violence supports for victims and perpetrators.

The secret internal review, Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions Moving to Virtual Platforms, reveals:

  • The adapted service model did not lead to victim survivors feeling safer,
  • Practitioners found the increased workload stressful and unsustainable,
  • Staff members did not necessarily have the skills for remote service delivery and additional work was required to adapt content,
  • Interventions such as the Men’s Behaviour Change Program took longer to complete and were more resource intensive, and;
  • Changes have resulted in longer wait times to both start and finish interventions.

Source: Pp129-130, PAEC General Questionnaire – Department of Health and Human Resources

A total of 4,486 men participated in the Men’s Behaviour Change Program last year.

Comment attributable to Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Emma Kealy

“Daniel Andrews’ lockdown had a disastrous impact on a system that’s already under stress.”

“Every day this under-resourced system can’t address the violent behaviour of a perpetrator is another day that their family is at risk.

“Victims must always feel safer after reaching out for support, but Daniel Andrews has failed to ensure this essential service is adequately addressing the needs of vulnerable Victorians.

“Lockdowns should always be proportionate and only used as a last resort to minimise extended harm to women and children victims of family violence.”

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