Thursday 30 May 2024

Future Pesutto Government will restore necessary move-on laws to keep Victorians safe

An elected Pesutto Government will restore move-on powers to Victoria Police to ensure the safety of all Victorians.

The restoration of the laws would provide Victoria Police (and PSOs in designated areas) the full range of move-on powers they previously exercised before they were stripped away by Labor in 2015.

This comes as Labor blocked the Liberals and Nationals previous introduction of a Bill to restore these powers, following a growing number of instances of disruptive, violent and hate-filled acts.

The Bill introduced in November 2023 re-asserted the authority of courts to issue exclusion orders to people who repeatedly breach a move-on direction. Grounds for the issuing of a move-on direction under the Bill included:

The Bill would have empowered Victoria Police to arrest a person in contravention of a move-on direction.

Leader of the Opposition, John Pesutto, said: “A future Liberals and Nationals Government I lead will restore these necessary move-on laws.

“It is clear that Victoria Police need move-on powers in order to keep the peace and protect communities right across Victoria.”

Shadow Attorney-General, Michael O’Brien, said: “Labor stripped Victoria Police of the ability to deal quickly with violent demonstrations and other actions that cause fear and intimidation in the community.

“These powers worked before and they are proportionate and necessary to preserve public order. Everybody has the right to be free from harassment.

“The Victorian Liberals and Nationals are stepping up to protect Victorians.”