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Give us hope. Give us a plan.

Enough is enough.

Premier Daniel Andrews must today provide Victoria with a plan to get our state out of lockdown.

Instead of lectures and threats, he must give Victorians hope.

This lockdown is destroying lives and livelihoods. It must end.

Daniel Andrews must drop his mismanaged crusade for COVID zero.

This lockdown is taking a terrible toll on our children’s mental health.

Daniel Andrews must today give us a plan that:

  1. Reopens playgrounds.
  2. Gets our children back to school.
  3. Lifts the curfew.
  4. Rolls out rapid testing.
  5. Ramps up the vaccination campaign, gives our final year students priority access – and stops the politics.

Today is the day.

Victoria needs hope.

We need a plan to end the lockdown – and get Victoria back to the top.

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