Independent inquiry needed into Victoria’s largest COVID-19 cluster

The Liberal Nationals are demanding the Andrews Labor Government launch an independent inquiry into how it has handledthe state’s largest COVID-19 cluster at Cedar Meats.

The State Government failed to act for about three weeks after the first positive result, with workers not told and the Premier and Health Minister keeping the name of the business secret.

This organisation made a significant donation to the Labor Party just before the election that made Daniel Andrews Premier.

If the Government is to protect the safety of the community,Victorians deserve to understand exactly what happened to prevent this from happening again.

The Government refused to act when the first case was known and has sat back while this scandal continues to deepen.

Comments attributable to the Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“Victoria’s largest coronavirus cluster centres on Labor donor Cedar Meats; a fact that the Andrews Government tried to keep secret.

“For three weeks after the first Cedar Meats employee was confirmed as infected, there are now questions whether the government failed to properly follow up and trace.

“Employees and others were kept in the dark. Now 49 cases have been traced to Cedar Meats.

“We now have Victoria’s biggest coronavirus cluster because Daniel Andrews’ government has dropped the ball.

“Public confidence and public health demand a full independent inquiry into this mess.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“Daniel Andrews and his Health Minister need to forgo their secrecy and start to be open and transparent.

“The Andrews Government has let down Victorians, its let down every worker at the plant, the meat processing industry in general, every transport operator, couriers or taxi driver that visited that site unknowingly. 

“The Premier needs to put politics aside for the benefit of all Victorians who have so many questions that need to be answered – in a way that is independent of his government.”

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