Jacinta Allan fails to rule out new taxes on families and businesses to pay for the Suburban Rail Loop

At Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearings, Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan was asked repeatedly to rule out special new taxes on families and businesses to pay for Labor’s currently unfunded Suburban Rail Loop.

Families and small businesses deserve to know, especially those who live near it, how much they will have to pay and how.

  • Will it be a $5,000 levy on their rates each year?
  • Will it be additional land taxes?
  • Will it be a special development tax? 

Victorians are entitled to know the size of Labor’s Suburban Rail Loop tax. Jacinta Allan could not even say the cost of the whole project. Labor has started early works on this project before they have completed a business case for it.

Victorians need accountability and transparency from the Andrews Labor Government. It’s time to come clean on the Suburban Rail Loop.

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