Joint Statement on Emergency Services staff and volunteers

Today, the Victorian Liberal Nationals expresses their deepest appreciation and respect for the ongoing efforts of Victoria’s Police and Emergency Service staff and volunteers across the state.

Countless emergency service workers been working relentlessly for more than 19 months to keep Victorians safe, following the devastating 2019-20 bushfires, COVID-19 and now the ongoing state-wide extreme weather.

Recent strong winds and rainfall across the state has seen more than 4,400 calls for assistance over the last 24 hours with thousands left without power, people trapped inside their homes and some regional towns completely cut off.

These outstanding efforts have come at significant personal cost to frontline police, paramedics, firefighters, SES, volunteers and their families, and demonstrate the unwavering commitment of these individuals to their broader communities.

The Victorian Liberal Nationals again thank all frontline emergency service staff and volunteers and stand ready to work with the State Government to ensure they are fully resourced and supported to get our state through this difficult period.  

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