Labor blocks all questions in Parliament in political protest

The Victorian Labor Party has failed each and every Victorian by refusing to answer any questions in Parliament today.

In order to cover-up government failures, the Health Minister Jenny Mikakos and Local Government Minister Shaun Leane arrogantly refused to answer any questions during Question Time.

Millions of Victorians have been forced to make unprecedented sacrifices with jobs lost, businesses closed and basic liberties taken away.

Parliament is about ordinary Victorians getting the answers from the Premier and his Ministers about why Victoria is the only state in the country in a State of Disaster.

These two Labor Ministers have deliberately snubbed Parliament and behaved in a way that is unbecoming of a Minister.

This is a clear cover up of the multitude of failures in the Andrews Labor Government’s handling of the bungled hotel quarantine, contact tracing and cuts to public health before the pandemic.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition in the Upper House, David Davis:

“The Andrews Labor Government has impacted and restricted the lives of millions of everyday Victorians because of their mistakes in hotel quarantine, contact tracing and cuts to public health before the pandemic.

“The least they can do is give the small business owners who have closed their doors and the hundreds-of-thousands of Victorians now without a job the answers that they deserve.

“For a government that was elected promising transparency and accountability, Andrews and his ministers are currently not appearing before the hotel quarantine inquiry, his PAEC inquiry may be cancelled and they have treated Parliament with contempt. 

“For a government that considers the opening of bottle shops essential, it remains a mystery why it would consider scrutiny of the harshest restrictions on Victorians’ rights and economic damage since the war would not be deemed essential.”

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