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Labor caves to Liberal Nationals and community on Crib Point

In a win for Crib Point and Mornington Peninsula residents, the Andrews Labor Government has this morning adopted Victorian Liberal Nationals policy to oppose the Crib Point gas import terminal.

50 days ago, the Liberal Nationals announced the opposition to the Crib Point gas import terminal for three reasons:

  • To support local residents who oppose the project at Crib Point
  • There are serious environmental concerns with the proposed route which seem not to be adequately addressed
  • The legally recognised indigenous traditional owner group opposes the project

The Department received over 6,058 submissions about this proposal. The overwhelming majority of those opposed it.

Further, Mornington Peninsula Shire reflected this opposition stating:

[The proposal] is deeply unpopular and has no social license from the local community.

The Bass Coast Shire Council said in its submission:

The project has the potential for serious impacts on the marine environment and biodiversity of Western Port.

Finally, the relevant recognised traditional owner group, represented by the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation, damningly found:

AGL/APA’s construction and operations as proposed in their EES and the Biosis assessment do not attempt to avoid harm and do not sufficiently minimise harm to Aboriginal Cultural heritage and have not met the requirement under the Environment Effects Act 1978.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Planning, David Davis:

“The Liberal Nationals were proud to stand side by side with the local community in its opposition to this project, to lay down our position and pressure the government to adopt it.

“The Andrews Labor Government has been dragged kicking and screaming to make this decision.

“The community together with local Liberal MP Neale Burgess are to be congratulated for their strong advocacy that has delivered the right community outcome.

“We wanted to protect the Mornington Peninsula and Western Port from Labor’s devastating plans”.

Comments attributable to Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess:

“The Victorian Liberals strongly opposed the creation of a gas import terminal at Crib Point, and due to public pressure the government has now followed our lead.”

“My community has been telling the Andrews Labor Government for years, that we do not want this project.  I’m very proud to have worked with my local community to secure this great outcome.”

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