Labor finally admits the facts, but duck season changes don’t go far enough

Long overdue changes to the 2021 duck season still don’t go far enough to reverse the damage of the Andrews Labor Government’s politically-motivated attacks on Victoria’s hunting community.

Now the Minister has finally increased bag limits, she must take it one step further by immediately opening the season, instead of waiting until May 26.

Daniel Andrews and his Agriculture Minister Mary-Anne Thomas turned their back on Victoria’s hunting community by announcing a 20-day season, despite evidence that favourable seasonal conditions have supported sustainable populations this year.

Today’s embarrassing – and long overdue – backflip to increase the bag limit from two to five birds per day and to remove the bizarre geographical restrictions on teal species, only confirms what hunters already knew – the Andrews Labor Government got it wrong.

Victoria’s hunting community proudly takes a leading role in the conservation of our wetlands and environments to ensure the sustainability of wetland species.

But year after year they’re punished by a Labor Government that is willing to ignore the science in its efforts to stamp a legal, legitimate recreational activity that generates $356 million for our state, out of existence.

The Liberal Nationals strongly support Victoria’s tens of thousands of recreational hunters.

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Minister is ducking for cover and remains totally silent.

As the Minister responsible, Mary-Anne Thomas should explain why she’s refused to sign off on the full 12-week season, as legislated.

The Minister’s silence speaks volumes on the contempt the Andrews Labor Government has for people who live, work and recreate in regional Victoria.

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