Labor in-fighting leaves ADF assistance out in the cold

Victoria is dealing with the worst coronavirus outbreak in the country, yet Daniel Andrews is arrogantly refusing help from the Australian Defence Force to help with hotel quarantine.

On Tuesday Andrews said no troops were needed, by Wednesday he needed more than 1,000 and today – on a day when Victoria has seen its biggest spike since April 3 – he backflips once again.

A turf war between the Health Minister and Police Minister has now led to Victoria withdrawing its request for 850 ADF personnel to assist with hotel quarantine and planning.

Once again, Labor feuding is putting Victorians at risk.

This morning Victoria’s Chief Health Officer admitted serious protective failures within the hotel quarantine program has led to infection clusters.

The combination of Coronavirus and Labor in-fighting is a major threat to Victoria.

Daniel Andrews should be welcoming ADF help with open arms, not turning his back on it.

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