Labor Minister refuses to act on Crown Casino

Gaming Minister Melissa Horne today stood up in State Parliament and gloated about Labor Party connections to Crown Casino, just a week after a damning report exposed serious allegations of money laundering and the infiltration of organised crime at the organisation’s Melbourne premises.

Ms Horne’s comments in State Parliament’s Question Time today exposed just how deep the Labor Party’s connections run.

The Andrews Government still refuses to commit to holding an independent judicial inquiry into Crown.

Shadow Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation Steph Ryan slammed the Andrews Government’s lack of action.

“The findings from the Bergin Inquiry could not be more serious,” Ms Ryan said.

“Victorians are rightly asking why Daniel Andrews is not addressing the allegations of money laundering and the infiltration of organised crime at Melbourne’s casino.

“It’s a matter of public record that Crown has donated significant sums of money to the Victorian Labor Party and the organisation has employed prominent Labor figures.”

Before the 2014 State Election businessman and Crown Casino founder Lloyd Williams was caught on camera telling the now Premier: “I am the executor of the Packer estate and James is going to kick every goal he can for you”.

In response to the Bergin Inquiry, Western Australia – home to Crown’s other casino – launched an inquiry with the powers of a Royal Commission.

By contrast, the Andrews Labor Government has done nothing other than to bring forward the standard review by a watchdog which, under Labor, has become a lapdog. 

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