Reports today that toxic soil from Labor’s major projects is being secretly dumped at undisclosed locations is totally unacceptable.

It seems clear Labor is using the COVID-19 crisis to hide its activity, to sneak through the dumping of toxic soil without proper and full scrutiny or consultation with Victorian communities.

How can it be that local communities are cut out and keptin the dark?

What controls and environmental protections are in place?

What consultation has taken place?

The Andrews Labor Government must reveal the locations of the toxic dump sites and the amounts being dumped.

Labor must also reveal the rules and protections, if any, that are in place.

Several sites have been discussed in the Western suburbs by Labor: Wyndham Vale, Bacchus Marsh and Bulla are sites where massive local opposition has been growing to the proposed toxic soil dumps.

Local communities deserve to know which schools, childcare centres and sporting grounds this toxic soil is being dumped near. They also deserve to know what, if any, studies have been conducted on the impact living and playing near this toxic soil will have on local communities.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, David Davis:

“It’s time for Daniel Andrews and his arrogant minister to come clean on this dumping of toxic soil in the dead of night.

“Will the government explain this dumping of toxic soil in these sites, secretly, behind the community’s back?

“In these extraordinary times, the Andrews Labor Government needs to be open and transparent about its actions, not be sneaky and secretive.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Bridget Vallence:

“The Andrews Labor Government is trying to hide its toxic mess and is refusing to tell communities where this toxic soil is being dumped.

“Daniel Andrews needs to do the decent thing and come clean with Victorians and tell them where this toxic soil is being dumped.

“This is a slap in the face for local communities who are in the dark about where the Andrews Labor Government is dumping this toxic soil.”