Labor must commit to investing savings into Geelong region road projects

The Andrews Labor Government must promise to spending the money it committed for the Barwon Heads Road project in the Geelong region. 

The Federal Liberal Government has announced it will now provide $292 million to the Barwon Heads Road project and is great news for hundreds of people who use that road daily. 

This investment by the Federal Liberal Government reduces the required State Government contribution to $73 million. 

The State Government had committed $315 million to the upgrade in the 2019/20 budget. This new funding arrangement with the Federal Government means there is now $242 million in state funding free to be allocated elsewhere.

The Andrews Labor Government must now commit to using the surplus from its planned contribution to fund other important road infrastructure upgrades in the Geelong region.

Victorians have lost confidence in Daniel Andrews and his government when it ignores the need to invest in regional Victoria

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Rural Roads, Roma Britnell:

“While the Andrews Labor Government is only focused on infrastructure in Melbourne – it’s the Federal Liberal Nationals that is investing in regional Victoria.

“The Federal Liberal Government understands the need to unlock the regions and invest in critical infrastructure that will not only support the economy but also make regional areas more accessible and liveable.

“The Andrews Labor Government now must commit to allocating the money that was to be spent on upgrading the Barwon Heads Road to other road projects in the Geelong region.”

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