Labor must guarantee kids don’t miss out

The Andrews Labor Government has finally adopted the Liberal Nationals’ policy from May to run catch up classes for Victorian students who have fallen behind.  

But the Liberal Nationals are concerned that Labor’s rollout of the program may not be effective. 

I call on Education Minister James Merlino to guarantee the following:

  • Catch up classes should not be delayed until next year and must commence as soon as possible this term
  • The curriculum used in tutoring sessions must be based on evidence and be effective
  • Schools must be resourced adequately to monitor the effectiveness of these sessions
  • Kids undergoing tutoring must not miss out further on Victoria’s curriculum subjects and activities that they’ve already missed out on
  • Additional funding must be provided if needed
  • By the first day of school in 2021 every one of the 4,100 tutors the government has committed to provide is employed and working with students in Victorian schools

Most Victorian students have been kept away from the classroom for the better part of six months, compared to just 29 days in NSW.

Students and parents have no confidence in the Andrews Labor Government to get this important measure right, but they have a moral responsibility to make sure this works.

Victorian students have paid the price for Daniel Andrews’ shocking handling of this crisis, causing Victoria’s second wave through botched hotel quarantine and keeping us there through botched contact tracing. 

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Cindy McLeish:

“Labor’s failure to get kids back to school sooner and introduce catch up classes during 2020 means thousands of Victorian students have fallen far further behind than ever needed to happen.

“The Andrews Labor Government has had more than six months to plan for school catch up classes.  There’s no excuse to deny Victorian school students until next year.”

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