Labor waives the white flag on wild dog control

The Andrews Labor Government’s decision not to renew the Wild Dog Management Advisory Committee decimates years of hard work to protect livestock against vicious wild dog attacks.

The Committee was recently notified it will be disbanded when the current term ends in June 2020.

Agriculture Minister Jaclyn Symes says she will instead be seeking ‘bespoke information’ on wild dog control.

Shadow Minister for Agriculture Peter Walsh said the Minister’s decision would have devastating consequences for landholders.

“There’s nothing ‘bespoke’ about the appalling cruelty livestock and native animals suffer at the teeth of wild dogs,” Mr Walsh said.

“It’s also incredibly traumatic for landholders to come across maimed lambs and livestock day, after day, after day.

“Jaclyn Symes’ decision to disband this Committee means there’s no dedicated voice for wild dog control in Victoria, despite the ongoing threat these invasive pest animals have on livestock.

“Labor’s more interested in protecting itself against losing city votes to the Greens than it is the welfare of livestock and our landholders.”

The Andrews Government has worked for years to erode the important work of the Committee, appointing two members who have openly campaigned against aerial baiting and the use of 1080 baits.

Aerial baiting has proved to be a successful, efficient measure to control wild dogs.

“This was an opportunity for the Agriculture Minister to show some teeth and stand against the city-centric, green agenda being pushed by Daniel Andrews and Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio,” Mr Walsh said.

“It is another step in the Andrews Government’s agenda to win preferences from the Greens and the Animal Justice Party.

“The Premier for Melbourne should remember: the only good fox is a dead fox and the only thing better is a dead wild dog.”

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