Labor’s casual disregard for Victoria’s casual workers must end

The Liberal Nationals are again calling on the Andrews Labor Government to immediately extend eligibility for the $250 power saving bonus to casual employees affected by lockdowns and loss of work through forced business closures.

As many as 500,000 Victorians are facing the prospect of a further seven days without work, thanks to the Andrews Labor Government’s decision to lock down “non-essential” workplaces for the fourth time in just twelve months.

There is no such thing as “non-essential work”. The Liberal Nationals understand that every hour of every shift of every job that Victorians work is absolutely essential to them and those who depend on them.

But thanks to the uncertainty created by the Andrews Labor Government, many workers are now confined to their homes and can’t confidently budget to keep their lights on and their homes heated as we enter the dark, cold depths of winter.

$250 would allow the average household to meet its energy bills for up to six weeks – providing some of our most vulnerable Victorians with the stability and certainty that the Andrews Labor Government is otherwise incapable of giving them. 

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