The Andrews Labor Government has today thrown in the towel with its outdated IT system for VicRoads and will instead sell off part of the business that runs licencing and number plates.

The privatisation of VicRoads’ licencing and number plate division will mean the data of all Victorian motorists will end up in the hands of a third party provider with no guarantee costs to drivers won’t increase.

Labor’s Treasurer has today admitted the sale is needed because of failures in its outdated IT system. A system that has been unable to modernise and keep the basics up to the millions of Victorians who interact with VicRoads.

Daniel Andrews has a horrible track record of privatisation. After the sale of the Port of Melbourne, port fees skyrocketed and every Victorian has paid the price through increases to goods and services. It is now one of the most expensive ports in the world to do business.

Fees also increased after Andrews’ sale of the Victorian Land Titles Office. Fees have continued to increase following this sale.

Previous Labor Government data breaches include:

This Labor Government cant not be trusted when it comes to privatisation or keeping Victorian’s data secure.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer Louise Staley:

“Labor’s privatisation of VicRoads will mean that every Victorian will pay more to get a driver’s licence and more for yearly car registration.

“Labor is giving away billions of dollars of future revenue to get an IT company in to run a system it is incapable of running.

“Labor is so skint it is mortgaging the future to pay for an IT upgrade.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Road Safety and the TAC, Brad Battin:

“Victorians have once again been sold out due to Labor’s inability to run basic government services.

“Victorians can’t trust Daniel Andrews with data. Data is not just about a drivers licence but it is your identity to open bank accounts or start a home loan and we can’t put that at risk.

“We have seen millions of data breaches in Victoria since the Andrews Labor Government came to power in 2014 including a 16 per cent increase reported in 2019/20.”