Labor’s fantasy quarantine facility – no funding, no timeline, no clue

Today’s farcical announcement of a new site for COVID-19 quarantine site in Mickleham comes despite a complete lack of secured funding and a decision on whether to actually proceed with the project not expected until September 2021.

Furthermore, the Andrews Labor Government has demanded the Commonwealth pay $15 million for initial design works and up to $200 million for construction – despite a March 2020 National Cabinet Agreement that State Governments would manage and meet the costs associated with quarantine returned travellers.

Whilst the Andrews Labor Government continues to chop and change quarantine arrangements, New South Wales and other states have effectively operated hotel quarantine programs and brought thousands of Victorians home because their own government couldn’t.

The Andrews Labor Government needs to stop passing the buck, expecting others to pay for its mess and get on with running a safe quarantine program just like every other state and territory.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police and Crime Prevention, David Southwick:

“A new facility in who knowns when won’t fix broken management now and Victorians have lost confidence in the Andrews Labor Government’s ability to get quarantine right.

“For the Andrews Labor Government to ask the Federal Government to pick up the bill for its own failures is completely unacceptable.

“Every other state has been able to operate effective and safe hotel quarantine programs, so why does Victoria continue to go it alone and get it wrong time and time again?”

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