Under questioning today, Labor’s Minister for Crime Prevention was lost for words when asked to explain what the government was doing to try and reduce crime in Victoria.

Funding announced by the Andrews Labor Government in the 2020-21 State Budget for Crime Prevention is so light on detail, that the Minister for Crime Prevention can’t even shed any light on what it is for. 

Under questioning by Deputy Chair Richard Riordan in the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee’s Inquiry into the 2020-21 Budget, Minister for Crime Prevention Natalie Hutchins failed to give any detail about what is being done to keep Victorians safe. 

When asked for specific details of crime prevention programs being funded, Minister Hutchins couldn’t name a single specific crime prevention program.

It’s the government’s responsibility to reduce crime across the state and protect the community. Yet, the best Minister Hutchins can do is to spin an answer that raises even more questions. 

The Andrews Labor Government has no strategy to stop the rapid spread of crime in Victoria. How can Victorians trust Daniel Andrews to keep them safe? 

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention, Brad Battin: 

“Labor is clearly not taking crime prevention seriously if their own Minister can’t explain what they’re doing.

“Crime prevention is much more than cameras and information sheets; it’s building stronger communities, supporting active programs and ensuring an increase in protective factors. 

“Under the Andrews Labor Government crime is rising, funding is lacking, and in spite of the meagre funding, not even the Minister for Crime Prevention can tell Victorians how it will be spent. 

“Victorians deserve to feel safe, they deserve more than a Government that doesn’t care and a Minister that doesn’t know detail about the programs she’s responsible for.”